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The Special Relationship (2010) *UPDATED*

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The Special Relationship
Der Film verfolgt den früheren Premier-Minister Tony Blair in seinen Beziehungen mit Bill Clinton und George W. Bush.

In 1992 Labour leader Tony Blair goes to America and is impressed by the policies of President Clinton,which he uses to reshape his party. Two years later he is invited back for an audience with Clinton,who,rightly, predicts that he will be Britain's next Prime Minister.Thus begins the 'special relationship' between the two, though Clinton is clearly the senior partner with Blair seeking his advice on Northern Ireland. The situation in Kosovo however reverses the roles as Blair forces American intervention by a reluctant president and is seen in the American media as the hero of the hour. As Clinton accuses his ally of stabbing him in the back the special relationship starts to sour and,with Clinton ultimately out of the White House,Blair takes his first photo call with the next incumbent,Bush.
Drama, Foreign
~93 Min.
Audio Stream:
Gut (Dolby Digital/DVD-Rip)
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5.1 / 10 von 8 Nutzern
Richard Loncraine
Peter Morgan
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