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Miss Evers‘ Boys – Die Gerechtigkeit siegt (1997) *UPDATED*

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Miss Evers' Boys
"Miss Evers' Boys" erzählt die wahre Geschichte der sogenannten Tuskegee-Syphilis-Studie der US-Regierung, bei der zwischen 1932 und 1972 ein geheimes medzinisches Langzeit-Experiment durchgeführt wurde. An ärmlichen Afro-Amerikanern wurden die die Folgen unbehandelter Syphilis untersucht. Im Mittelpunkt des Films steht die Krankenschwester Eunice Evers, die den betroffenen Menschen Trost spendet.

In 1932 Macon County, Alabama, the federal government launched into a medical study called The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Blacks with Syphilis. The study selected 412 men infected with the disease and faked long term treatment, while really only giving them placebos and liniments. The premise of the action was to determine if blacks reacted similar to whites to the overall effects of the disease. The experiment was only discontinued 40 years later when a Senate investigation was initiated. At that time, only 127 of the original study group were left alive. The story is told from the point of view of Nurse Eunice Evers, who was well aware of the lack of treatment being offered, but felt her role was to console the involved men, many of whom were her direct friends. In fact, the movie's name comes from the fact that a performing dancer and three musicians named their act for her - "Miss Evers' Boys". All had the disease. A romance with one goes unrequited even after he joins the Army ...
~111 Min.
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Joseph Sargent
David Feldshuh, Walter Bernstein
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