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I.R.A. – King of Nothing (2007) *UPDATED*

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I.R.A. King of Nothing
Having grown up within the Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.) since he was young, Bobby O'Brien feels that the modern day I.R.A. does not have any of its weapons strength and protection power anymore. Haunted by violent memories of his mother, a fellow I.R.A. radical, being gunned down during a skirmish in Belfast, Bobby is surprised when he realizes that many of his mates don't want to fight anymore, they just want to live normally. This infuriates Bobby as he sets out on a path and a goal to continue in the fashion of a continuity I.R.A. man. When his best mate, Mick, gets murdered by the son of a very powerful member of the Ulster Defense Association (U.D.A.), a loyalist paramilitary group, Bobby loses his cool and murders the young man in an act of revenge. Bobby now is not only on the run from the I.R.A. but the U.D.A. and the British Intelligence Agency as well whom want Bobby dead for a past insurrection incident in Belfast. The only person who can stop Bobby from his last ...
Action, Drama
~85 Min.
Audio Stream:
Gut (Dolby Digital/DVD-Rip)
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Gut (DVD/BD-Rip)
4.4 / 10 von 177 Nutzern
Damian Chapa
Damian Chapa, Carlton Holder
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