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Emanuelle – Sinnlichkeit hat tausend Namen (1978) *UPDATED*

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Notti porno nel mondo
Joe D’Amatos Ausflug ins Reich des Mondo-Filmes mit ‘Emanuelle’ Laura Gemsa als Führerin durch das sündige Nachtleben.

Laura Gemser introduces herself, "It's your old friend Emanuelle again..." to present a sexy mondo film, with her voice-off narration over the different sketches, and reproaching comments between them. Main scenes: a stripper disrobes her safari outfit and performs with a man in a gorilla costume; another stripper performs with a couple of dogs; in Amsterdam, a prostitute disrobes on a street window, then invites one man in for a free session; in Paris, there's a place showing nude roller-skating, and nude mud wrestling; in Denmark, Mandrake the magician transforms his sexy female assistant into a hermaphrodite; an adulterous African couple is punished by genital mutilation and decapitation; in Amsterdam, there is a brothel where so called taxi-mothers prostitute their daughters; in a sex club, women behind a screen have anal sex with unseen men who could be their husbands; in New Guinea, natives rip the head off of a virgin chicken in a bloody ritual; in Hong Kong, an all-girl ...
~81 Min.
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Bruno Mattei, Joe D'Amato
Bruno Mattei
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