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Die Todesreiter (1969) *UPDATED*

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The Desperados
Joshiah (Jack Palance) führt die berüchtigte Galt-Bande an. Als sein Sohn David (Vince Edwards) mit ihm bricht und der Familie den Rücken kehrt, verurteilt ihn Joshiah zum Tod. David flieht nach Chilon in Texas. Als seine Verwandtschaft die Stadt ausplündern will, kommt es zum Kampf auf Leben und Tod. - Knallharter Western mit Jack Palance als fiesem Gangsterboss.

In the closing days of the Civil War, fanatical Parson Josiah Galt and his three sons, Adam, Jacob, and David, are leaders of a gang of southern marauders. Josiah, driven by his lust for revenge for the death of his Indian wife, attacks the Kansas town of St. Thomas. David, recalling his dead mother's prophecy of doom upon the family and repulsed by the carnage caused by his father and brothers, breaks with the gang after his brother Adam tries to rape one of the town's young girls. David is captured by his own men and brought before his father, who accuses him of treason and sentences him to be executed. David escapes, joins his wife, Laura, and together they flee to Texas, where they live for 6 years under an assumed name. After the war, Parson Galt and his sons continue to loot and pillage, and they eventually reach the Texas town where David, Laura, and their young son, Pauly, live.
~85 Min.
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Henry Levin
Walter Brough, Clarke Reynolds
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