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Black Mask: Mission Possible (1996)

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Hak Hap
Actionfilm von Daniel Lee. In Hongkongs Unterwelt geschieht ein Mord nach dem naechsten. Die Polizei tappt bei der Suche nach dem Mörder Black Mask im Dunkeln, doch nur der Bibliothekar weiss, wer hinter den Morden steckt. Er tarnt sich selber als Black Mask...

Chui Chik tries to lead a quiet life as a librarian. However, he is really a former test subject for a highly secretive supersoldier project and the instructor of a special commando unit dubbed "701." The 701 squad is used for many government missions, but after one of the agents kills a team of policemen in an uncontrollable rage, the government decides to abort the project and eliminate all the subjects. Chui Chik helped the surviving 701 agents flee the extermination attempt. Having escaped, Chui Chik went separate ways from his team. Later, he discovers that the rest of the team were responsible for a violent crime spree that was beyond the capability of the local police. He sets out to stop them, donning a disguise and using the superhero alias of "Black Mask". Having lost the ability to feel pain due to the surgery performed on the super-soldiers by the military, Black Mask is almost invulnerable.
Action, Abenteuer, Komödie, Krimi, Sci-Fi, Thriller
~99 Min.
Audio Stream:
Gut (Dolby Digital/DVD-Rip)
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6.1 / 10 von 9,224 Nutzern
Daniel Lee
Hark Tsui, Koan Hui
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